Below are some rehabilitation and insurance questions that people frequently ask us.


Does physical therapy hurt?

No, Physical Therapy is designed to determine your present limitations and then gradually increase your abilities. As with any exercise-based program, devoting yourself to the treatment plan and keeping your regular appointments will allow you to gradually increase your endurance without excessive muscular fatigue and soreness.

How long will each session be?

Sessions are scheduled and timed for your individual needs. A usual session lasts thirty to forty minutes, although the time and the treatments will vary from session to session depending on your individual progress. It is important to be on time for your session and to attend each scheduled session to get the most out of your therapy. Most therapy appointments are longer at the beginning and take less time as you progress in your abilities towards a home based exercise program and/or an independent gym-based program.

Will I see a specific therapist each time?

You will be assigned to a team of therapists. Our therapists work in teams to allow you greater flexibility in scheduling appointments and to allow better consistency in care. This assures that the provider treating you has extensive knowledge of your history and current physical therapy needs.

How many sessions will it take to recover?

Recovery times vary according to each individual’s health conditions and needs. Most musculoskeletal related conditions require therapy 2 to 3 times a week for 4 to 6 weeks. Some neurological conditions may require a slightly longer recovery time depending on the patient’s age and physical condition.

What types of treatments will I receive?

Most treatments involve some component of therapeutic exercise, involving range-of-motion, stretching, strengthening, and endurance components. Additionally, some patients may need manual therapy and/or modalities such as heat or ice to help relieve their pain. Your treatment may also involve balance activities and gait training as deemed necessary by your therapist. Each patient’s condition is different – your specific plan of care and treatment options will be discussed during your initial evaluation with your physical therapist.

Besides Physical Therapy, what kinds of other services does BODYWORKS provide?

Through our Health and Fitness department, we offer personal training, gym memberships with special rates, and a variety of fitness classes. We offer psychological counseling for life style change and Physical Therapy Membership.


Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Physical Therapy is covered by most major insurance carriers. To assist in planning your care, your first visit will be a free consultation. At that time, we will collect your insurance information and assist you in verifying your Physical Therapy benefits prior to beginning treatment.

What insurance does BODYWORKS accept?

We are a network provider for most of the major insurance carriers. However, coverages for any medical service can vary from plan to plan. We suggest you call the number on the back of your card and verify your health care coverage prior to receiving any medical care.

Does BODYWORKS offer payment plans?

We have several payment options and offer payment plans so that you can get the care you need.