Whether you are referred by a physician or come to us on your own, our skilled clinicians can help you. Physical therapists evaluate and treat a wide range of diagnoses and conditions resulting from injury, accident, health issues, lifestyle, and aging. Please call our office at 304-255-2376 to see how BODYWORKS can help you.

“After my accident, I thought I might never walk with ease again. My Physical Therapist at BODYWORKS helped manipulate my injured leg and taught me exercises to build up my strength. She was patient and persistent.”

-Taylor Daniels


Once you are committed to receiving Physical Therapy treatments, our clinical team will:

  • Complete a thorough physical evaluation.
  • Design an individual plan of care.
  • Coordinate, if applicable, with your physician.
  • Set short and long term goals.
  • Work with you to help you achieve your goals.
  • Evaluate your progress by reassessing your condition on a regular basis.
  • Provide a summary of your care and progress to both you and your physician.

Physical therapy is often an investment covered by insurance. We can help you understand how your insurance works or talk with you about a payment plan if you don’t have coverage. Please free to talk with us about any billing issues you may have.


After completing treatment to recover from an injury, surgery, or other medical condition, many people find added benefit by continuing with a transitional therapy program. A transitional therapy program can help you to continue to rebuild your strength and adopt healthy behaviors so they become habits. Transitional therapy involves becoming more independent with a gym-based program and home exercise program to maintain the results that physical therapy helped you achieve.

Transitional therapy program memberships are not covered by insurance. Before the completion of your treatment, talk with our physical therapists to see how we can help you build a bridge from recovery to every day living.