BODYWORKS began in 1995 under the name PRAXIS Corporation. Initially, we provided contract rehabilitation services to home health care companies and skilled nursing facilities in Southern West Virginia. Over the next decade as we embraced a greater emphasis on wellness and prevention, we expanded our focus to include:

  • Outpatient Physical Therapy
  • Industrial Services, such as Work Conditioning, Work Hardening, and Safety
  • Health and Fitness Consultations
  • Contract and Consulting Services to other health care organizations and employers

In 2004, we completed construction of BODYWORKS’ 20,000 square foot facility – the first operation in Southern West Virginia to offer an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to health, fitness and rehabilitation. Today, we have a Behavioral Psychologist on board; we also offer pain management and functional restoration services in conjunction with Aspire Occupational Rehab.

Experts say that the best indicator of future performance is past performance. This certainly suggests that BODYWORKS will continue to lead the way in innovation and integrated services. When you – or a loved one – are seeking support for improved health, give BODYWORKS a call!


Our commitment to a healthier tomorrow grows out of a deep understanding of the ripple effect that pain and disease have on an individual, their loved ones, their employer, and their community. The BODYWORKS Health, Fitness & Rehabilitation philosophy is based on this commitment and we strive to encompass these aspects into all parts of our work.

The BODYWORKS’ mission is to restore quality to life, whether that is through rehabilitation therapies or fitness, in order to build healthier communities together. This guiding vision includes integrating prevention and wellness strategies into everyday choices to enable our clients and members to become their best selves.