Health & Fitness


Unlike clubs who adopt the “more the merrier” philosophy, BODYWORKS is focused on quality, not quantity. Because we want members to enjoy a relaxed, no-waiting environment, we accept a limited number of memberships in our two locations – Beckley and Pineville. As a BODYWORKS member, you can enjoy a workout when you want to in either of our 24/7 facilities!

“I love the calm, professional environment at BODYWORKS. It’s not like the noisy, crowded clubs I’ve been to in the past. I can really focus on my workout – get in, get out – and go back to work.”

-Lee Summers

In your first month as a member of our Health & Fitness family, a member of our Health & Fitness Team will talk with you about your current physical health and your fitness goals. Then, we’ll teach you how to safely use our equipment and recommend a workout that’s right for you. We’ll also help you become familiar with the facility and other services we offer.


Call BODYWORKS and schedule time with a Personal Trainer who will give you a complete tour, answer your questions, and create a routine for you.

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