Health & Fitness



  1. You’re just getting started… and want to learn the best, safest ways to do things and learn a variety of workout routines to stay motivated.
  2. You have a specific illness or injury… and need a personalized program to help heal injuries and avoid future problems.
  3. You’re not seeing the results you want… and need professional input about your goals, what you’ve been doing, and what you can do differently.
  4. You’re bored with the same old routine… and want support to change the intensity or content of your workout to reignite your enthusiasm and commitment.
  5. You’re training for a sport or event… and need direction to help you get strong for your event without taking away from your other training and overall fitness.
  6. You want to learn to workout at home… and want help developing a workout that you can do at home or on the road with minimal equipment.

Make the most out of your fitness investment by enlisting the support of a personal trainer who’ll provide you with:

  • An individualized fitness assessment.
  • A customized exercise prescription plan.
  • 1:1 workout sessions to finalize your workout Rx.

Personal Training Session Rates:

  • Eight, 30-Minute Sessions; paid in full & non-refundable – $240 ($30 per session)
  • Twelve, 30-Minute Sessions; paid in full & non-refundable – $336 ($28 per session)
  • Eight, 60-Minute Sessions; paid in full & non-refundable – $400 ($50 per session)

Get to know your Health & Fitness Team and come and enjoy a healthier lifestyle at BODYWORKS!

* Insurance Information

Unfortunately, many insurance companies have inconsistent and confusing payment policies and coding restrictions regarding this service. BODYWORKS is committed to getting you the health care services you need and, in many cases, the health care benefit dollars that you and your employer have paid for.

At the same time, in order to run an economically viable business in an ever increasingly challenging health care payment environment, we require clients to “pay” as they go. We regret that we can no longer rely on information received as part of the normal process of insurance verification.

We are pleased to be able to provide dietary consultations under commercial insurance coverage with the following conditions:

Payment plans and arrangements can be made with those with an urgent medical need and with financial hardship. If you have insurance coverage for this service that indicates that medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is a COVERED BENEFIT and a referral from your physician, payment for MNT is due at time of service, 50% is due up front and we will bill your insurance for the balance.

If payment is received within 60 days, then we will apply the benefit including any contractual reductions and refund you the balance. If there is no benefit available for services, payment is denied as Not Medically Necessary, a Non-Covered Service or for some other billing or coding requirement, the balance is due in full. We will provide you with documentation and a receipt for tax purposes or to file an appeal with your insurance carrier.

Please call us for more information and/or make an appointment.